->(Building Delivery Teams );
Since 2009 we've been building and optimizing purpose-built teams under the guidance and supervision of our seasoned directors.
We work with Software/IT, Transformational and Startup Companies as well as Digital Agencies and Corporations.
Our teams are mainly composed to provide the following services:

->( Soft+Ops);

Developing, testing, deploying and maintaining applications with our Software, Quality Assurance and DevOps Engineers.

::( Data+ML);

Acquiring and realizing data insights with our Data, Research and Applied Scientists as well as Data and Machine Learning Engineers.

->( UX+UI);

Creating and building custom graphical interfaces for software applications, data dashboards or content based materials with our UX/UI Designers and Coders.

->( GenAI+API);

Combining Generative AI, Low Code/No Code and Custom Integrations to rapidly build applications with our dedicated specialists.

:: Lifecycle->( Expertise);

  • Programming
  • Maintenance
  • Testing
  • CI/CD
  • DevSecOps
  • Monitoring
  • Management

w:: Capabilities->( Stack);







Angular, ASP.NET, AWS, Azure, BadBoy, BaseCamp, Blueprint, Cordova, Couchdb, Cucumber/Gherkin, Cypher, DevOps, Django, Docker, Express.js, Flask, Flutter, Gitlab, Google Cloud, graphQL, Heroku, Ionic, JMeter, Java, Jazmin, Jenkins, Jira, Kafka, Kanban, Katalon, Kubernetes, Laravel, Linux, Monday, Mongo, MSSQL, mySQL, .NET Core, NoSQL, NodeJS, OpenShift, Oracle, PHP, Podio, Polymer, Posgress, Postgre, Python, React, React Native, Redis, Rest, Ruby, Scrum, Selenium, Slack, SQL Server, Symfony, Trello, Unity, Vue.js, Windows Server, Xamarin, Zookeeper

:: We Build::
( Your Teams);

13 years of experience in
building teams:

full cell


single engineer

single manager
Providing: Consultancy • HR • Legal • Workspace • Code Academy • Team Support Find out more

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